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LaBrake Workout 01.10.18

Dropped a nice little 7:03 on my 2000m row which I think is a PR. It hurt really bad, the little muscles in my feet are sore from it. Needless to say, swimming this morning was a serious challenge. Maxed out my heart rate on the 6x100s free and then on the pull as well. I want to eat everything in sight but gotta keep that calorie deficit, ya dig. Taking the afternoon off. Un Amor.


400 Swim, 4x100s Drill/Swim by 25 IM order, 4x50s kick scull

4x50s IM order @ 1:00

6x100s IM 3@1:30, 2@1:20, 1@1:10

100 EZ

6x100s Freestyle 2@1:15, 2@1:10, 2@1:05 (did not make the last two)

100 EZ

6x100s Pull 1@1:05, 2@1:10, 3@1:15 (did all of these on the 1:15)

cool down


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