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Bishop 6-19-19

I’m back. Kind of lost my way with vacation and family ish going down. However, I am creating a routine by force. Every weekday at 5pm I will go to the gym even if I’m not working out. Also I will be starting Mark Twight’s Soldier of Steel 4 week program on Monday. It’s a lot of running and BW movements. My goal is to build up a cardio base and shed some extra fat.

Today the wife and I went to the track.

2 lap w/u

5 rounds: 1 lap Sprint – 20 lunges – 20 pushups – 20 squats

1 lap w/d


P.s. I’m on day 16 of the 100 days of 100 push up challenge

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DeSapio 06-19-19

53lb KB – Time = 21:56

KB Snatch x 10 right arm

KB Snatch x 10 left arm

KB Thruster x 10

KB Snatch x 9 right arm

KB Snatch x 9 left arm

KB Thruster x 9


KB Snatch x 1 right arm

KB Snatch x 1 left arm

KB Thruster x 1


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LaBrake 06.18.2019

dont worry i did my push ups yesterday.

typical stretch out and warm up w/the KB

1 ladder to 5 clean and press w/32 kg then 3 x 5 ea arm @ 32kg

then grabbed the 24kg and did 10 snatches ea arm, 10 reverse lunges ea leg, 10 oh squats each arm. then 10 cleans ea arm and 10 OH lunges ea arm/leg to get my heart rate up then did

4 rounds 5 thrusters + 3 pull ups @ 2 x 24kg as fast as possible

then did push ups/stretching/ab wheelies

as of this writing i am quite sore from it all. didnt really seem like that much.. i think me having not done any lower body work in the past two months + plus the OH stabilization work got me good.

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DeSapio 06-18-19

20 min KB EMOM @ 53lbs

Minute 1: Max reps of KB floor press (Right)

Minute 2: Max reps of bent over row (Right)

Minute 3: Max reps of KB floor press (Left)

Minute 4: Max reps of bent over row (Left)

Rest 4 minutes

Minute 1: 10 KB swings

Minute 2: 11 KB swings

Minute 3: 12 KB swings

…continue until you can no longer add a rep. Goal is at least 100 reps total.

I went up to 20 reps and called it a day.

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DeSapio 06-17-19


800 meter x 4 (1:1 work:rest)

  1. 2:57
  2. 2:59
  3. 3:11
  4. 3:14

PM: 3 Rounds

Pull-Up x 5

Ball Slams x 20

Tire Flips x 1 minute

Push-Up x 40

Tire Slams w/ Sledge x 1 minute

Burpee x 15

Goblet Squat x 1 minute

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LaBrake 06.17.2019

Saturday June 15 – 100 push ups

Sunday June 16 – 100 push ups
Blog it or it didnt happen

today – back a little tight from all those swings, oh well


kb warm up from friday, my new go to

3 x 3 weighted pull ups 1 @ 16kg 2 @ 24 Kg

two ladders 5-1 of pull ups @ 25lbs super set with dips

4 rounds of 60 yards 180lb sled push/5 pull ups/ 6 push ups/ :30 sec rest