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Davlantis 4-4-20

Coaching digital Dryland through zoom last night moved max out Friday to Saturday

Dynamic warmup: feeing sore but ready to move weight

3 x 1 snatch @ 94%, 97%, 100% – I don’t have 2.5lb plate yet so I went 145, 155, 165

Tried for 175lb and it only took 3 REALLY close misses to finally squeak out a good rep and a new snatch PR!

3 x 1 clean and jerk @ 93%, 98%, 100.5%. Just whole bunch of fucking NOPE! Previous best is 245lb and that ain’t happening today.

My clean is paying the ultimate price for that snatch pr. I can’t clean anymore, no more heavy shit, 225lb is all I’m getting today.

2 x 5 back squat @ 275lb – ouch

3 x 3 clean high pulls @ 225lb – oww

Cool down and stretch

2 x 10+10 wide-grip pull-up + barbell curl

And I’m cashed, dead, wrecked, tires, pooped. New cycle next week and coaching Dryland digitally 3x per week.

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Bishop 4.2.20


Decline push ups

Pull ups

Suit case crunch


Pull aparts

Moneky bars


CoC 1.5 (not fully closing but giving .85 effort)

5 shot basketball on the key must make all to move on

40 yard dash