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LaBrake 10.22.2019

Need to get back on a program/wagon. After I get this bathroom project done I should be good 2 go. Maybe operator w/ extra jumping or something

Warm up stretch roll kb swings pull ups

Squats, Rep scheme is 5 (2front, 3 back) 1@135,2@185,5@225

5×3:3 press@135, pull ups

2k ski erhmagerd

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LaBrake 10.18.2019

Friday, get ur pump on, wear a tank top, catch a shorty miring ur peaks.

Work up to 205 clean (did clean and jerk up to 195)

Work up to 90lb DB bench and then do 3 x4

Then DB bench @ 40lb til failure the. 3 x 10 super set 5 pull ups

Then some curls, duh

Then 5×500 ski erg