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LaBrake 06.20.18

P sore from the clean complex stuff.

upper body blast day.

rolled out,

BB OH press, worked up to 5 sets of 3 @ 135 then some singles at 155 super set with pull ups

BB Push press started @ 135 and did doubles up to 195. (the second rep at 195 was basically a power jerk.)

DB bench – alternating arms: 2 x 10 reps @ 80, 2 x 10 reps @ 85, 8 reps @ 90s (PR)

Then over to the dreadmill and did 20 mins @ 4% grade varying speeds, got 2.3 miles.

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LaBrake 06.19.18

in the new gym, “wel at Humana” its pretty awesome.

rollout and stretch

KB warm up complex + pull ups

3 rounds – 5 dips, 5 pullups

ladder 1-5, 1-3 of pistol squats super set with SLDL KB

8-7-6 RFESS @ 24KG KB super set with good mornings same reps same weight

10 min 1 set every 30 seconds of 1 DL, 1 power clean, 1 hang clean, 1 front squat (this was waaaay harder than I remember, also first time doing oly lifts in 3-4 months. only got 15 of the 20 sets…. ill be back.)

played around with power clean and push press worked up to 165 single

5 min on the VersaClimber (RIP)

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Weisheit Workout 6-19-18

Coming to you from across the pond this week. Out here in Florence, Italy for work. Fun fact from the hotel guest services book is “The Duomo was built in 1296”.

I had a so so weekend. I only drank a total of 1 six pack on Friday and Saturday, but had pizza twice. My flight over was highs and lows of free alcohol. I think the word used most often in my mind was regret.

Hit the hotel gym this morning to help me with the jet lag. I was in there for just over an hour.


10 minutes treadmill

Stretched my back using a yoga ball

A series of shoulder exercises

Bicep Curl

Dumbbell press

Repeated 3 more times. Kept a moderate heart rate the whole time.

Due to location, my diet will mainly be terrible, but I’ll be walking a lot so it balances out a bit.

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LaBrake 06.14.18

new gym @ work is opening up next week. very exciting. Has stair steppers, jacobs ladder, woodway dreadmills, bumper plates and a power rack. recovery room. Etc.

I’m looking forward to getting some good workouts in there.

upper body blast day + running

rolled out then

OH press 10 @ bar, 10 @ 95, 8 @ 115, 3×5@ 135 // super set all sets with 6 pull ups

DB bench 10 @ 80 (5 each arm, alternating), 3×10 @ 85

100 reps (50 each arm) @ 20

some seated curls to OH press @ 20

max reps bench press @ 135 (19)

elevator up,

20 min on the dreadmill @ 4% grade, varying speeds got 2.3 miles.

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Weisheit Workout 6-13-18

Down here Gonzales LA. Met a guy from Vincennes in the hotel gym. He went to Rose Hulman so I scoffed at him. D1 or get out. Small world though

I was in there for a solid 45 minutes. Did some various bike and shoulder/ab combo. Finished up with a solid session on the treadmill.

Diet isn’t great. LA provides really good foods constantly.

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LaBrake 06.13.18

weighed 206.6 this AM. However I am going to an only fried fish restaurant tonight against my will for a family dinner so who knows what kind of damage i will do. Feeling a little sore from yesterdays leg workout. Its funny how switching to the single leg stuff makes me just as sore as squatting 4x the weight.

30 min T spine stretch and strengthen from Gymnastics Bodies.

3 miles on the dreadmill in 27 min @ 4% grade, up 1%.

not sure how long I plan to keep up running on the treadmill. I have pretty much given up winning the steps competition at work. If I can lose enough weight and strengthen my legs enough to that I can regularly run on the road I may sign up for a half marathon or some 20K trail race.