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Dat New-New

Burly boy szn is upon us. Starting it off with two months of the Jordan Stanley summer workout program to get my squatting and back ready for the heavy barbell work to come. Also sprinkling in some explosive work with the Onnit Line backer program.… Read More

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Bishop 08/15/18

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great; Personally, I am fantastic – It feels good to be back. My work out today wasn’t structured. I dropped my 4runner off at the local welder for some frame work (little bit of a rust hole). Being that… Read More

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Bishop Workout 04/05/2018

I call this 30/30 Death Punch 15 rounds One round equals: 30sec of a lift/30sec rest/30sec of cardio/30sec rest Cardio – Rope Slams, Airdyne, Boxing mitts Lifts – OH Press, Curls, French Press, Push ups, Goblet Squat Warm down: 100 crunches, hipflexor exercises