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Wickes workout 2/14

Bi’s/Tri’s 4the girls on V-Day Circuit 5x through, rest 1.5min after each round. 30 seconds per exercise, no rest between exercises, as many reps as possible per exercise. Probably should have limited the number to 4 exercises or cut the time per exercise to 20… Read More

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Wickes workout 2/13/18

Been sick for a week, sliding back into gym today. Weighed 192 this morning.   Back Squat 2×10@135 1×10@185 5×10@195 3×5@225 3×2@255 3×1@275 2×1@285   Superset BB lunge @135/BB SLDL@95 4×6 each leg 4×5 each leg Seated Calf Raises 4×12@90 Superset Abs 4×12 Decline tempo… Read More