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Bishop 4/16/22

With the weather getting warmer it is time to hang up the strength building beanie and put on the cutting cap. I will be Running the Kino Body Greek God program till I hit 200# in body weight. This program is a mix of linear… Read More

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Bishop 2/21/22

SeaLab Fitness, it is time to return. Today we embark on the greatest comeback since Lazarus. Back squat: Top set 3×5 @ 360# Over head press: top set 3×3 @ 160 3×10 Weighted Dips; Weighted Chins; Ab wheelies

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Bishop 1.5.21

New year, new me. Kept forgetting to post. Finish smolov with a 10×3 at 340. Smolov was fun. I gained as much mentally as I did physically. Started a 531 program focusing on my upper back and quads as They’re my weak points right now.… Read More