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Bishop 7.1.20

.8 Mile run Then: 3 rounds: 15 front band raises 10 rows with umbrella weight (I want to say it is 100lbs, but idk) 15 leg lifts 20 A skips 60 alt foot jump rope Then: another .8 mile run   Also my wife and… Read More

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Bishop 6.30.20

1.5 mile run. Finally found a decent route in my new hood. 3 rounds: 10 ab wheelies 10ea SA band press 10ea SA band curl 10ea SA band tricep extension 10 front pulls 10 back pulls 60x alt foot jump rope

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Bishop 6.26.20

.5 mile run that turned into a sprint because rain. 4 rounds: 10 ab wheelies 10 alt pistols 5ea SA band press 10ea band tricep extension 50x jump rope SA over head walk with 30lbs 3ea OAP 10 leg lift 5ea grip trainer