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Bishop 7.13.20

Not sure how far I went, think around 2 miles; Tried a new route. 2 rounds: 20 ab wheelies 10 SA band twist press 10 pull a-parts forward and behind neck 10 front raises (moved up to a higher resistance) 10ea band curls 10ea band… Read More

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Bishop 7.7.20

1 mile run 3 rounds: 10x an wheelie 10x band press each arm 10x front pulls 10x back pulls 4x alt weighted pistols (20lb vest) 3x OAP each 10x curls ea 10 tri extension ea 75 jumps but my jump rope broke on round 2

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Bishop 7.3.20

Sub 10 1.5er pretty happy with that. As it wasn’t an all out effort. 2 rounds: 10x ab wheelie 10x front raise 10ea band presses 10ea tri extensions 8 alt pistols 8 alt OAP 10ea curl 10x leg lifts 76x jump ropes

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Bishop 7.1.20

.8 Mile run Then: 3 rounds: 15 front band raises 10 rows with umbrella weight (I want to say it is 100lbs, but idk) 15 leg lifts 20 A skips 60 alt foot jump rope Then: another .8 mile run   Also my wife and… Read More

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Bishop 6.30.20

1.5 mile run. Finally found a decent route in my new hood. 3 rounds: 10 ab wheelies 10ea SA band press 10ea SA band curl 10ea SA band tricep extension 10 front pulls 10 back pulls 60x alt foot jump rope

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Bishop 6.26.20

.5 mile run that turned into a sprint because rain. 4 rounds: 10 ab wheelies 10 alt pistols 5ea SA band press 10ea band tricep extension 50x jump rope SA over head walk with 30lbs 3ea OAP 10 leg lift 5ea grip trainer