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Bishop – Life Update

I have commenced phase 2 of burly boi season: getting jakkt and stakkt. I’m started a new round of 531 with a higher training max on 11/25/19. My Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will be some Dan John programming. Basically just doing a Squat, pull, push,… Read More

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Davlantis 11/11

Week 4 day 1 Looks like a deload week starting up. Some snatches around 85%, cleans around 80%, heavy jerks and lighter back squats Solid day overall, just didn’t feel as snappy as I think it should. I blame the weather

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Davlantis 11-09-18

Been radio silent for a while just doing bro splits and trying to enjoy what I’m doing. Finally ponied up for a program and started the Cal Strength starter program. Week 3 day 3 looks like it’s a max-out Friday situation and I’m yayed out… Read More