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Davlantis 5-28-20

It’s 82 out and that’s feeling like a cool day compared to the rest of the week. Probs like 90 in the garage today. Real sweaty boi today. Dynamic warmup and movement prep 4 x 2 no feet, no hook snatch @ 125lb 3 x… Read More

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Davlantis 5-22-20

Got some really great things coming into shape on the personal side of life so I’m feeling like a monster in the garage today. Also it’s hot as heck today. Warmup and movement prep 6 x 1 snatch @ 170lb (90%+5lb) – absolutely killed it… Read More

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Davlantis 5-15-20

Dynamic and prep 6 x 1 snatch @ 90% – 165lb Those were tough as hell, but I only missed one. Got into some of the cleans and back squats scheduled for the day but I’m exhausted and wasn’t getting anything out of it. Just… Read More