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Davlantis 5-28-20

It’s 82 out and that’s feeling like a cool day compared to the rest of the week. Probs like 90 in the garage today. Real sweaty boi today.

Dynamic warmup and movement prep

4 x 2 no feet, no hook snatch @ 125lb

3 x 2 power clean from blocks @ 175lb

3 x 2 push jerk + 2 tempo OH squat @ 165lb

3 x 1 3-second pause front squat @ 265lb then drop to 235lb

2 x 8ea landmine shoulder press + 10 wide-grip pull-ups

2 x 10 BB rollouts + 10 BB bench

The bench press was supposed to be side planks, but that’s for nerds and I wanna do fun stuff instead.

Cooldown and stretch

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