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Davlantis 5-22-20

Got some really great things coming into shape on the personal side of life so I’m feeling like a monster in the garage today. Also it’s hot as heck today.

Warmup and movement prep

6 x 1 snatch @ 170lb (90%+5lb) – absolutely killed it today

1 x 1 clean and jerk @ 215lb – rough catch and recovery but it got there

2 x 2 clean and jerk @ 195lb – felt better on the doubles, prob needed more warming up

1 x 3RM back squat @ 285lb

1 x 5 back squat drop set @ 255lb

3 x 5 clean grip deadlift work to 245lb then drop to 215lb

2 x 10+10 Pendlay row + flat BB bench

Cool down and stretch

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