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LaBrake Workout 01.19.18

Did not make it to swimming this AM. Need to re-focus. I’ve found if I pack my bag the night before and lay everything out I am more motivated to get up and get moving, so Sunday night that is what I will do.

I drank a miller lite and ate a lot of pretzels last night at trivia and woke up feeling swollen and groggy. Coincidence? I think not. So I am in need of a real grinder tonight in the House of Iron.


Stretch, roll

Indian Clubs

kettlebell swings, goblet squats, halos, pull ups, bottoms up press 3 rounds

Dynamic effort and jumping –

4 rounds:

5 frog jumps

1 perfect box jump

3 power cleans

5 reverse hypers

Deadlift –

work up to 150kg then 5 reps @150kg



max KB snatches in 10 min – 24kg



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