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LaBrake 02.15.18

Had meatloaf for dinner last night. It was delicious, but has quite a bit of brown sugar in it. Its a once a year thing for me. Also cooked swiss chard for the first time last night. If you’re not, you should start. cut the leaves from the stems and throw the stems in the skillet with some onion and garlic to soften them up (i recommend trying it raw first, it tastes like a beet but in the form of celery) after you are satisfied with the texture of the stems (some like a bit of a crunch, but it can be tough) throw in the leaves and maybe some crushed red pepper flakes and cook it down a bit. yum! I can only assume it is full of nutrients! hopefully none of those hideous lectins or other gut busters. and that has been talking chard. one love.

Deadlift today, lower volume, higher weight. Then some rowing.

Stretch, Roll, Indian Clubs, Hang, Pull Ups, Reverse Hypes

KB Warm Up

work up to 345

8 singles, one every 30 seconds.


20 min row @ SR cap of 22

2 min rest

Row below 1:35 pace at SR 25 or lower for as long as possible.

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