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Davlantis workout 4/14/18

Forgive me brother’s in iron for I have missed a day of lifting. Thursday was an extra day off this week to catch up on eating and sleep. But today is Saturday and Saturdays are for the iron temple.

Super hungover from the bike race festivities yesterday (who the heck scheduled that for a Friday?) So today we get them demons out.

Roll out, dynamic warmup, love body mobility work/stretching

Warm up sets of 5 back squat up to 225lb

8 x 3 back squat @ 255lb (about 85% max)

2 x 3 snatch @ 100lb

2 x 2 snatch @ 110lb

2 x 3 clean & jerk @ 155lb

2 x 2 clean & jerk @ 165lb

3 x 3 snatch high pull @ 105lb

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