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LaBrake 06.04.18

Started the new phase of lighter weight/less body building type lifts.

I am thinking the schedule is going to be

Monday – Push/Pull upper body and lower body of lighter weights at different exercises.

Tuesday –  Running on the treadmill, push ups/pullups/dips

Wednesday – Stretching, rowing

Thursday – Running on the treadmill

Friday – Stretching, snatches

30 min of middle split training

KB warm up complex

ladder of 5-1 pistols squats, super set each rung with 5 SLDLs # 16kg ( the goal is to add rounds as the weeks go by.)

ladder 8-7-6 of RFESS holding the 16kg KB by the horns at my chest superset with same rep scheme of goodmornings holding the KB the same way.

3×10 feet elevated push ups

3×5 pull ups / 3×5 dips

100 KB swings, broken as needed (goal is to be able to do all 100 without stopping)

100 ball slams @ 25lbs, broken as needed – these are a low key bicep burner. may keep them up.

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