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LaBrake 04.11.2019

Today was the first actual prescribed off day in this program besides Sundays. I spend about 45 min stretching my lower body and roughly 10 min on upper body. still need more!! i think a full week of rolling and stretching will be necessary to get back on track. I will heavily rely on the gymnastics body program, its a good 30 min routine that hits it all.

In general this program has been great. It proved to be a great challenge and I probably should have eased my way into it but life. I have been doing the one meal a day for probably 8 months and my body composition is the best its ever been except for maybe senior year in college. all my belts are too small now but i haven’t lost any strength. Your beach body muscles definitely get neglected during an Olympic program like this and I pretty much did it as written.

Looking forward I intend on doing some body weight related things and copious stretching to give my nervous system a break. Then a round of some operator fitness then who knows. I plan on getting a gym jones membership so I will pick a plan from there to do.

Torokhtiy Week 9 Day 4 


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