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LaBrake 04.25.2019

Another Random Grind sesh. just trying to move until I start feeling better and am ready to hit the big boy weights/circuits.

Rolled + Stretched

quickly worked up to a 225 lb Deadlift and hit 5 rounds of

5 DL@ 225, 5 Single Arm KB swings Each Arm @ 24kg, 5 KB Goblet Squats, 5 pull ups

Did this as quickly as possible to elevate my heart rate

10-8-5 DB bench @ 80 super set with 5 chinnies

Then did some DB play with the 25s that consisted of bench, some curls plus some chest supported row

then 3 x 10 DB pull overs @ 25 lbs– this is a movement I am trying to get better at, i think it will be beneficial, especially once i can get up to using the barbell.

Stretched for a while, Sauna-ed real hard. Post Sauna BW of 192.5. I’ve set a goal of 185, I think that will be peak performance for me.

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