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LaBrake 06.14.2019

a real grinder to day, fellas.

back is feeling much better. not ready for any serious lower body work, but isnt bothering me much at all.

roll/stretch it out
2 rounds of (10 kb swings, 3 goblet squats, 3 ea arm thruster then windmill, hip stretch ham stretch)
then one round of 10 kb snatches instead of swings

did some pull ups and 30 push ups during that

then walk it out side

1 ladder to 5 of clean and press + pull ups @ 24kg
10 push ups
1 ladder to 5 of clean and press + pull ups @ 32kg
3 rounds (10 renegade rows + 10 kneeling curls @ 25 lbs, counted this as 30 of my push ups)

from DeSapio – Death by KB swings Start @ 10 and increase by 1 every min. your rest is how much time you have left after completing the ever-increasing reps. Used the 32kg bell

got to 18, so 9 rounds and 126 reps. My grip died on me and i couldn’t go any further without breaking up the swings.

3 x 10 push ups, ab wheelies, stretch.

Saunaed hard.

time to paint. cmon u lady soccer stars.

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