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LaBrake 06.21.2019

Friday Make up post

Ashton inspired me to do the day one gym jones work out. and, ouch

Typical warm up + pull ups + some light presses and windmills

3 rounds of 6-way BB Complex (6x Deadlift + 6x Row + 6x Hang Clean + 6x Front Squat + 6x BackSquat + 6x Push Press + 6x Push-up) @ 135 (this was a huge mistake but i couldn’t look like a big ol baby in the gym so i would be able to go up to the front squats then i would have to drop the bar and take a quick breather then finish.)

was so gassed after this i did 6 x 5 OH squats @ 75 super set push ups

then i did 5 x 10 oh press @ bar

then 3 x 6 DB alt arm DB bench @ 70 super set with pull ups followed by 50 reps @ 25 lbs db bench play

then 5 min on the stair stepper @ 11
then some serious stretching then hit the sauna hard then pizza and beer

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