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Davlantis 3-7-20

Dynamic and prep, extra sauce on the warmup today really trying to lock some things in and go heavy

2 x 1 snatch @ 155lb, 165lb – matches previous best but I weigh about 20lb less so I’m gonna count that as a new best

1 x 1 clean @ 225lb – any good feeling I had after snatches disappeared when I missed 240lb twice and 235lb once. Can’t win em all

3 x 2 back squat @ 245lb

3 x 10+10 wide grip pull-ups + Pendlay row

Added 3 x 6-8 bench @ 185lb, 3 x 5ea 3-position curl, and 3 x 12 OH tricep extension to finish out

Cool down and stretch

Bodyweight down to 187.5lb. 12.5lb to go to goal weight

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