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LaBrake Workout 01.11.18

Back in the weight room this afternoon. I am a little out of sync with the dead-lifting program but these past few days are supposed to be stretching and accessory work. Monday will start Intro Week 2, which is low volume dead-lift + dynamic work and jumping then after that it gets intense. Today I am focusing on low back strengthening and activation and an explosive hip hinge. The long hang chin ups are designed to give me some tension on my arms opposite to where I will be when I am dead-lifting.



3 rounds warm-up complex (10 KB swings, 3 Goblet squats, 4 Halos each side)


3 rounds (4 perfect box jumps, 5 reverse hypers, 3 5-second hang chin ups)


20 x 5 KB swings @ 32KG, explosive, 30 seconds rest between rounds


4 x 1000m Row @ 1 min rest hold 3:45

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