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LaBrake Workout 01.22.18

I also swam on Saturday, about 2500 yards. Nothing too exciting, I was pretty sore from the Secret Service Snatch test (which I called the CIA snatch test by mistake). I did not so great on my diet on Sunday (ate pizza , not worth it, and had a girl scout cookie milkshake, so worth it). I do, however have some sirloin in the fridge that I am going to cook this evening for dinner with some veggies. I had some of it on Saturday for lunch and it was great.

AM Swim:

300 Swim, 300 Pull, 300 Kick

6 x 50 kick @ :50

3 x 100 IM @ 1:40

1 x 300 Swim @ 4:00

6 x 50 swim @ :40

3 x 100 kick @ 1:50

1 x 300 IM

12 x 25 @ 30, 3 each stroke


PM Weights

KB warm up (swings, goblet squats, halos, hip stretches)

3 rounds – 5 pull ups, 5 reverse hypers, 5 dips

work up to a 120 KG DL


(120kg x 9) x 4


3 x 1000m negative split row @ 1:00 min rest, shoot for 5 second difference

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