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Shinn Workout 01.29.18

Today felt rough but strong. The past few weeks I’ve been catching my snatches high to focus on bar path and now I’m starting to go full depth.

Week 4 Day 1

Warm up

Monster Walks- 3 x 12ea

Iso Clam Shell- 3 x :30ea

Banded Deadbugs- 3 x 12ea

Core Lifts

Hang Snatch from above the knee- work to 3RM, then -10% for 3, worked to 135lb, drop set at 120lb

Back Squat- take -10% of best 5RM for 5 x 5, sets at 275lb

Snatch Pull- 3 x 3 work up, sets at 225lb, 245lb, 265lb


Hanging Knee Raise- 3 x 15

Turkish Get Up- 3 x 4ea

KB Front Rack Step Up- 3 x 6ea

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