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LaBrake 02.06.18

I have erased this sins of the weekend (philly cheese steaks) and am now back under 210 (209.4).  last night for dinner i had  a salad with romaine and carrots, then a chicken breast (sznd with s&p + paprika) and some sauteed zuccs. tonight is taco salad, whoop.  I pretty much eat the same thing for lunch every day of the week. either my spaghetti sauce + zuccs or tomatillo pork stew + sweet potatoes. Trust the process.

did not row last night because I decided to go to the grocery store instead. So, instead of taking a rest day today it will be a row day + a little bit of lower body push.

roll, stretch, indian club, hang, pull ups, reverse hypers

KB warm up complex

a set of 10, 20 and 30 low bar back squat at 135

Brief pause

5 x 2000m row @ 1:00 rest// 1 – 3 stroke rate cap of 18, 4 see what you can do, 5 EZ


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