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LaBrake 02.07.18

resting today. car has a flat tire and the replacement will not be in until friday and I am too lazy to put on the spare (and capitalize letters at the beginning of sentences). therefore i am relying on my wife/wife’s car for transportation

i might mess around and do some push ups or something. probably not.

last night i had taco salad for dinner, tonight its chicken legs w/ indian szns and sweet potatoes and green bell peppers and some onion. then steak the rest of the week.

life update: i am also doing a japanese budgeting strategy that has been interesting so far. its one part tracking your expenses carefully one part meditating at the end of each week on the money you spent. the goal here is to increase my total cash savings for a down payment on a house. i would like to be down to 205 by the end of next week. it will take some serious caloric deficit work on my part. dead lifting is going okay, i am over it, i just wanna row but i am going to hit that 400 lb mark before i dive into cardiovascular power world.


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