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LaBrake 02.21.18

BROTHERS! HARKEN TO MY BLOG POST! I’ve been wandering around aimlessly in the world the last two weeks or so. Bored as crap with dead lifting, too tired to grind hard in the evenings because of the whole calorie restriction thing and making poor diet and drinking choices on the weekends. Then to make matters worse, I tweaked my shoulder/bicep tendon by trying to do many reps of dead lift with an alternating grip ( i guess by having your hand facing out it increases the potential for your bicep to be engaged and try to stabilize your shoulder, happens when you are not packing your lats before each rep YE BE WARNED BROTHER). So that was last Friday and it ended a less than stellar week from a diet and exercise perspective. I was also down in the dumps about a work project getting canceled that i was excited for.

But now I am feeling good about myself and work and since I can’t dead lift for a while I am thinking I am going to switch over to my rowing intensive program that will include:

  • at least 4 rowing workouts
  • at least 2 swimming workouts
  • at least 1 strength/strength endurance workout
  • at least 1 power workout

I am going to start from scratch with this program as if I was a novice rower and weightlifter. Focusing on building a great engine of strong legs, a strong core and a great aerobic base. The first week in March seems like a good time to start it so I think that until then I will just mess around in the gym doing whatever pops into my head that day.

I will post Rowing time goals later this week. Unfortunately, all the indoor rowing championship meets are in late February and Early March, so if I am able to stick with this long term, I will try and compete in 2019.

Yesterday (2/20) I worked out with my brother Dmitry in the Humana gym. The rowers there are top of the line and rarely used so I am excited about that.


  • Rollout, Stretch a bit
  • KB Warm up
  • 3×5 front squat @135 (super set with SLDL @ 53LB KB)
  • 3×3 front squat @ 185
  • 3×3 front squat @ 210
  • 5×2 (1 rep front squat, 1 rep back squat) @ 225
  • Played around with some DB bench (70,80,85lbs various reps)
  • 2000m row (7:10)

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