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LaBrake 03.21.2018

back in the lab, 1 deep.

keep on posting on here! we are almost 3 months in guys. Brandon will be back from the woods soon and we dont want to look like a bunch of weak lil bois.

I am so out of shape from sitting on my ass staring at a glowing box for 10+ hours a day for the past 2 weeks. But i got the work done. and now its time to get back to grinding.

today i did 30 min of t spine stretching and it felt great, its part of the gymnastics body program.

then, while the circuit class finished up on the rowers I worked up to a timmy-2-plate front squat and did 3×3 on it then goofed around with some DB bench.

next i sauntered on over to the erg and rowed a 5000. It was so miserable, i maxed my heart rate out in the first 5 min so the next 15 or so minutes were pure hell.

one love

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