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Bishop Workout 03/24/2018

What’s up Squad. I apologize again for being AFK. Since I last posted, I had a session with one of the physical therapists at my hospital. Turns out my body is all kinds of funked up from swimming. The left side of my body is about twice as strong…So I was provided some corrective exercises to get me back to having a functioning and balanced body.

Warm up: Exercises, skipping 1/4 mile, stretches


Three rounds –

  • 10 jump squats with 30lb Dbs
  • 10 Hindu push ups
  • 10 plank raises

Five rounds –

  • 5 x Front Squat @ 165lbs
  • 15 KB Swings @ 63lbs
  • 15 push ups

100 crunches for warm down.

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I am here to blog my fitness routines to the letter while doing my best to share my observations and suffering. I will be posting my exercise's weights and times along with my body weight. As a personal rule, I try to finish all my lifting routines as fast as possible as I like to keep my gym time under an hour. Please join in on my journey to escaping the office body and building one made of Iron.

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