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Burger Workout 03.27.18

I havent been posting, haven’t been motivated much to lift anymore. I weight a little to much right now. I’m 200, I need to get to 190 before the end of April, or else. I want to get good at rock Climbing, My goal is to get V8-V9 on bouldering by the end of April.

Starting the Cut Program, I have gained a little bit of mass on this 5/3/1 Program. Its time to get lean.

Operation Shredded Abs:

Monday: Chest / Back / Abs
Tuesday: Legs / Arms / Abs
Wednesday: Rock Climbing
Thursday: Chest / Back / Abs
Friday: Legs / Shoulders /Abs
Saturday: Rock Climbing

Starting on Tuesday this week, everything is a day later.

Chest / Back / Abs
All Super sets:

Bench Press – 6 sets: 30, 10, 10, 10, 10, 5
Pull Ups – 6 x 10

Incline Bench – 5 x 8
T-Bar Row – 5 x 10 (1/4 rep Method)

Flat DB Fly – 5 x 12
Cable Row – 5 x 12

Dips – 4 x 10
Pull downs – 4 x 10


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