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Davlantis workout 4/2/18

Starting the 1st 4-week catalyst athletics leg strength block today. Moving from 3 workouts or fewer per week to 5 is gonna be tough, but it’s all programmed so I just have to get in and get to it without getting hurt. Im gonna try to work in some chest, shoulders, and arms in there when I can. Gg my legs.

Definitely guessed on some of these max numbers for reference.

Back squat: 295lb

Front squat: 225lb?

OH squat: 155lb?

Snatch: 135lb

C & J: 205lb

Clean: 225lb

Jerk: 205lb

Who knows how those will treat me.

Bodyweight: 198.2

Foam rolled, dynamic warmup, and some decent lower body mobility work.

Warmed up with 3 x 8 back squat @ 135, 155, 185lb

Working sets:

3 x 10 back squat @ 190lb

5 x 3 hang snatch @ 95lb

3 x 3 Halting snatch deadlift @ 115lb

5 x 3 OH squat @ 80lb

Edit: I did NOT get bench and incline press snuck in there. It’s late and I’m exhausted

Tried to sneak some bench press and incline bench in there

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