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LaBrake 04.09.18

first time back in the gym since 3/31, i did row a 6:57 2k which finally means im allowed to be married, thank god. so great news there. but then i just drank beer, ate carbs and played video games and worked all day for 10 days straight with no exercise.

I am back in the gym now with a new rowing-centric program. It is going to start with slow, longer rows >=5000M for 3 weeks with a fairly agressive squat and upper body strength program with higher reps. Then i will move into more heavy weights and much less volume as i kick the rowing volume up a notch. then i will only be rowing for about 4-5 weeks then i will time trial the 2K again and see what happens. It would be great to be under 6:40 but i am not going to hold my breath,, odds are i get interrupted by life.



kb complex warm up

5×5 pull ups//dips

work up to 225 front squat using sets of 5

1 rep at 235 for fun

5000 m row just finish it ( 20:04)


one love

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