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LaBrake 05.29.18

was a bad boy this weekend. Ate and drank my weight in pizza and beer.

fasting again this week, and hopefully through the weekend to see where it gets me. I pretty much erased any good i did last week with my behavior last weekend.

Today was my last heavy squat day for a while, going to focus on high reps never going above 135 and also a lot of pistol squats. I will likely keep the deadlift, but do it all one day and run the other days.

roll and stretch/KB warm up complex

5×4 Dips and pull ups

front squats:

1×5@135m2x4@185,2×3@225, 1×1@240 (dmitry put a 10 one side and a 5 on the other),1×1@245, 1×1@255 then 1×2@255 back squat then 1×20@135 back squat

Steam room, cold shower, steam room, cold shower

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