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LaBrake 06.19.18

in the new gym, “wel at Humana” its pretty awesome.

rollout and stretch

KB warm up complex + pull ups

3 rounds – 5 dips, 5 pullups

ladder 1-5, 1-3 of pistol squats super set with SLDL KB

8-7-6 RFESS @ 24KG KB super set with good mornings same reps same weight

10 min 1 set every 30 seconds of 1 DL, 1 power clean, 1 hang clean, 1 front squat (this was waaaay harder than I remember, also first time doing oly lifts in 3-4 months. only got 15 of the 20 sets…. ill be back.)

played around with power clean and push press worked up to 165 single

5 min on the VersaClimber (RIP)

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