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LaBrake 07.03.18

Skipped Monday, was not feeling motivated at all. Today was a full body blast, will likely swim tomorrow .

Roll, hang

KB warm up complex + 3×3 pull ups

3 rounds (5 pull ups, 5 dips, 5 anti-rotation band twist thimhs)

Ladders 1-5,1-4 pistol squats + SLDL @ 32kg

RFESS 8-7-6-5 (tried to do good mornings but I was to sweaty to hold the KB) @ 32 kg

Was fairly gassed at this point, did the 10 min 1 set every 30 seconds work out but it went like this


1st 5 sets, power clean + hang clean+ push press + front squat

2nd 5 sets, power ckean+ hang clean + front squats

3rd, power ckean, hang clean

4th, cleans caught as low as possible and squat out.

3×5 each arm alternating DB bench @ 75

50 reps each arm @ 25 lbs

Some core work, stretching

1 hour

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