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Tiemann Run 8.12.2018

5 Miles 37 minutes 47 seconds


This was the first 5 miler of the race series I am doing, I will be out of town hiking glaciers and shit for the second one so I kinda went H.A.M. I actually PR’ed a 5k in the middle of it (21:41), and figured if I hurt myself I would have my vacation to help me recover. Race was really great until about mile 4.3ish, I tried taking my shirt off because I was hot and ended up knocking my headphones and headband off so I aborted and suffered in silence the rest of the way. Anyways, I am happy, I met some new folks, and made it out largely unscathed so the beat goes on to the next.

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I used to swim a lot, now I run a lot.

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