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LaBrake 08.20.18


Woke up with a sore throat and it is still bothering me, hoping that it goes away. Could be from all the rain?

30 min Middle Split training from gymnastics bodies

10 min on the Stationary bike >110 RPMs tried to keep heart rate @ or above 150

10 min to get to 225 back squat and do 3 x 5

10 min on the rower – i am out of shape

10 min of 30 seconds of KB swings, 30 seconds of Ab wheelies, 30 sec right arm snatch, 30 sec of left arm snatch, :30 sec of ab wheelies, :30 sec of rest made it through three rounds then laid there for the last min.

I am thinking about doing this 10 min block thing more often, i like it and I want to get back into better cardiovascular shape and I am hoping I can accomplish this through hour long workouts where I don’t really stop moving.

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