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DeSapio 09-20-19


1000 meter row warm up

6 x 500 meter row (1:20 rest between each set)


Six Way Barbell Complex @115lbs: 4 Rounds (1-2 minutes in between rounds)

6 Deadlift + 6 Bent-Over-Row + 6 Hang Clean + 6 Front Squat + 6 Push Press + 6 Back Squat + 10 Push-Ups


245 x 10 “warm up”

5 x 3 @ 300lbs

KB Skill Circuit (courtesy of CLab himself): I only did one round, I was drained and should have done this first b/c I feel like it requires a good amount of mental focus/energy.

2 hand flip & goblet catch, thruster x 5

Snatch windmill complex x 5 each side

1 leg DL, bent row, front kick, pistol x 5 each leg

Dynamic snatch squat x 10 each arm

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