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LaBrake 10.16.18

Weird workout today. I went at a weird time to the gym and it was packed so I couldnt really do what I had planned (an Orange Theory Fitness inspired workout).

No real warm up, just some rolling

OH press did a ton of reps with just the bar with some pull ups and hanging then 1 set of 5 @ 95 then

5×3@ 135 super set with 3 chin ups.

30-20-10 KB swings @ 24kg

30-20-10 KB snatch @ 24kg

At this point this weird tendonitis I have developed in my arms started acting up so i had to change my plans on what I would do.

30-20-10 air squats

Then i did some weird variations of cross over lunges and Cossack squats both body weight and with a 24kg bell.

finally I ended the workout with 15 min on the stair master, first time ever doing it and it was hard as crap. yesterday i did the walking on the treadmill at the steep incline. This was similar in how it burned my low back and got my hammys v engaged. I liked it. as long as my arms are bothering me I am going to keep on doing weird lower body stuff to keep me from getting bored.

finished with some more foam rolling especially on my shoulders/arms/biceps/triceps and elbows.


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