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Tiemann Workout 12.15.2018

I’m back…… from outer space



Not really.

Anyways, the foot issues persisted, I missed the marathon and have only run two miles in the past 3 weeks. On top of that I have had some sort of chest cold for a couple weeks so I start coughing pretty bad anytime I get winded. All that to say I’ve been lacking in the workout space, but I got to the pain cave Saturday for a good session.


5 min row

40 arm raises

5 arm circles



10 x DB curls 30/32.5/32.5

10 x DB OH Press

10 x DB back flys

8 x DB SA Row 50/55/60

Did all that in real quick succession

Then did a ladder set of incline bench

10 @ 45, 10 @ 65, @ 85, 8 @ 105, 10 @ 85, 10 @ 65, 10 @ 45

Also did that as fast as I could and my arms turned to jello.

Cool down

Ab set

Then I tried swimming but only made it 400 yds (I lost count 6 times, so 400 is a guess), was planning on doing more but my arms weren’t working after the gym so I called it quits.



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I used to swim a lot, now I run a lot.

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