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Tiemann workout 2.4.2019

I took a tumble on my bike ride yesterday and tweaked my wrist (real slow fall to one side, left wrist was still on the handle bar when it hit the ground which tweaked it)… Didn’t hurt to bad yesterday and I finished the ride, but it stiffened up over night. Spent awhile trying to figure out what I could do at the gym…. its going to be a long week of leg days.

Standard Warmup

5 min row (this hurt a lot)

40 arm raises

5 arm circles

leg swings


Back Squats

1 x 10 at 45

3 x 8 at 95

3 x 6 at 135

3 x 3 at 185

4 x 3 at 205

was nervous to go higher because if i got off balance my wrist would be able to help correct

inbetween sets I did

10 x tricep pulldowns 85

10 x cable shoulder work at 25

I tried swimming, but it was a not go.



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I used to swim a lot, now I run a lot.

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