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LaBrake 04.15.2019

Tested max Snatch and C+J on Saturday April 13th. Hit 185 on snatch, which I was very pleased with. Only hit 230 on C+J which i wasn’t too happy with but I plan on testing it again soon.

My plan is to just move this week, do a lot of stretching and lighter weights on the lower body to reset my CNS.

Hit a classic upper body blast today

Roll + Stretch
3 rounds of KB warm up complex ( 10 swings, 3 goblet squats, hip stretches) + 3 x 3 pull ups + 3 x 10 hyper extensions

2 Rounds of 1-5 ladder: Single Arm Clean + Press (R1: 24kg, R2: 32kg) & Pull ups
(30 total clean and presses each arm, 30 total pull ups)

3 x 5 Dips


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