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LaBrake 06.18.2019

dont worry i did my push ups yesterday.

typical stretch out and warm up w/the KB

1 ladder to 5 clean and press w/32 kg then 3 x 5 ea arm @ 32kg

then grabbed the 24kg and did 10 snatches ea arm, 10 reverse lunges ea leg, 10 oh squats each arm. then 10 cleans ea arm and 10 OH lunges ea arm/leg to get my heart rate up then did

4 rounds 5 thrusters + 3 pull ups @ 2 x 24kg as fast as possible

then did push ups/stretching/ab wheelies

as of this writing i am quite sore from it all. didnt really seem like that much.. i think me having not done any lower body work in the past two months + plus the OH stabilization work got me good.

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