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Wickes 10/9/19

Last august I went on vacation for like a month which meant while I was there I didn’t lift every day like I was pre vacation. I come back home after that month and tried to jump right back into it but since I hadn’t trained in a while I blew up my knee. Not sure what actually happened to it since I never got it checked out because doctors are for pussies but it swelled up real big and clicked and popped and gave me trouble for a while. Long story short I got injured but instead of dealing with it in a prudent manner I acted like a B and quit going to the gym. Fast forward to august of this year and I decided to regain my honor and to kill my inner bitch and get back in the gym. Been working out 5-6 days a week since then. Today I did a circuit with my buddy who is back from the army for a week.


1ish+ hour of racquet ball


150 pound sled rope pull/push 15 yards x4

DB snatch @50lbs x10 each arm

15 tractor tire flips

10 box jumps ~44inch (don’t know for sure) box

20 push ups

30 second sprint on air assault treadmill

Approximate round time 5:30

Rest 4:00, repeat 4 rounds

Stretch, steam sauna

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