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Wickes 1/10


3x (1-4) Pull-up Ladder 3x (1-4) Push-up Ladder


2×10 Shoulder Dislocate Then:

2x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Push Press @ 2 x 20# DB. “Rest” is in OH Position @ 2 x 15# DB (Strict Holds)

Two Sets, Rest 60sec between each


10x Bench Press @ 155# + 10x Pull-up

Ten Sets, Rest 2-3min between each


5-3-2 Ladder of Bent Row @ 135# (Rest 20sec between each rung. Keep reps strict) Three Sets, Rest 2min between


3×5 Bat Wings (5 second squeeze at top)

3×5 SOTS & OHS Combo @ 2 x 10#

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