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LaBrake 02.08.2020

I missed a few posts but ive been doing the same workout every day so you didnt miss much.

This post is for my saturday grinder where I just did whatever I felt like doing. also took a free sample of pre-workout and it changed my outlook on life.

warm up then work up to a 165lb BB oh press for 2,
then 2 x 10 back Squat @ 215

then some power cleans worked up to 215 and it was hard so i stopped

then worked up to 3 x 5 DB bench @ 90

then i did my 15 min EMOM snatch work

then some ab rollies and body saws

then I wanted to do some skiing but it was taken so i rowed 500m for no reason.

then sauna cold shower sauna

then pancakes

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