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Davlantis 2-13-20

Felt like a baby deer trying to stand up for the first time on every lift today except front squat. Idk if I’m getting sick, feeling the caloric deficit I’m on, hitting peak depression szn, or the perfect mix of all three. Feels terrible

Dynamic warmup and prep

1 x 1 snatch @ 145lb – only got laid out on my ass once on a missed lift today. Doing better getting under the bar in the catch.

2 x 2 power snatch @ 135lb – struggled on second rep of each double

5 x 1 halt clean and jerk @ 165, 165, 185, 185, 205lb

1.x 1 snatch grip deadlift @ 205lb

1 x 5 snatch grip deadlift @ 155lb

1 x 1 max front squat @ 255lb – new best

1 x 2 front squat drop set @ 235lb

2 x 10+10 YTW + dips

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