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Davlantis 2-15-20

End of week 4 of this “Stark Contrast” cycle and I’m feeling it, Mr. Krabs.

Dynamic warmup and prep

5 x 1 snatch @ 145lb – Had to use straps for these, grip failed on a few early/rough ones. Also had a hell of a time getting myself down under the bar, still spooked about receiving at full depth.

1 x 1 power clean @ 225lb

2 x 1 power clean drop sets @ 205lb

1 x 2+1 front squat + split jerk @ 225lb

3 x 12+12 hanging leg raise + glute ham raise

2 x 10 cal strength extensions @ 65lb

Tossed in a little chest/tris work 3 x 8 bench @ 185lb and 3 x 8 cable tricep extensions for funsies

Cool down and head home

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