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LaBrake 02.29.2020

test ur might.

I’ve done 8 weeks of this “minimalist” training where i do 1 strength movement then snatches and push ups or dips. Tested my Secret Service Snatch Test and got 190. This is a personal best. My goal for 8 weeks from now will be 220.

Warm up with the barbell (stretches, good mornings, presses, rows, Behind the neck stuff etc.

work up to a 205 lb clean and push jerk, then a 205 lb clean and jerk then
3 x 1+1 Clean and Front squat @ 225


SSST: 10 min of max snatches @ 24kg, 190 reps


3 rounds (10 ab wheelies, 10 bod sawz)


5-4-3-2-1 ( Pull ups/dips, superset with the inverse ladder in x100 m ski erg’d)

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