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Davlantis 3-24-20

First quarantine workout in the garage gym:

Long long long dynamic warmup with every moment added I could think of because I’ve been on my ass for a week and a half

For time:

40 burpees + 40 reverse lunges

30 burpees + 30 reverse lunges

20 burpees + 20 reverse lunges

10 burpees + 10 lunges

Total time: 15:33.49 and I only almost threw up twice

3 x 30+10 side plank windmills + inchworm w/ push-up

4 x 2min TABATA sit-ups: 20s work + 10s rest

Lots of stretching and trying to get my HR back down under 190+bpm.

This at home stuff Cal Strength is sending out is so different from the WL programming I’m used to now. Ready to have my weights delivered tomorrow and get back to normal stuff

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