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Bishop 3.26.20

Five Rounds:

400m – Build

10 push ups with pause

10 squats with pause

10 front pull aparts

10 behind pull aparts

3ea one arm pushup

3ea pistols

10 ab wheelies

10 v sits

In this weird time of quarantine and gym closure I’ve set a personal goal to become adept at one arm pushups and pistol squats. At Carder’s recommendation I read Pavel’s Naked Warrior which made my original vision a goal with specific structure. Following Pavel’s advice I am ‘Greasing The Groove’ (GTG) daily as well as adding progressive movements to my workouts. Additionally, I am trying to focus on keeping ‘high-tension’ throughout my body when I perform a movement. Hopefully, this will all help me move more weight under the barbell once my gym is back open.

— Stay loyal to the party

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I am here to blog my fitness routines to the letter while doing my best to share my observations and suffering. I will be posting my exercise's weights and times along with my body weight. As a personal rule, I try to finish all my lifting routines as fast as possible as I like to keep my gym time under an hour. Please join in on my journey to escaping the office body and building one made of Iron.

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