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LaBrake 06.23.2020

It Me.

been cheating on the Lab by posting in my rowing facebook group. but if you didnt blog it, did you even work out????

I have been rowing my ass off the past 6 weeks or so. usually >40K a week and it continually increases. I was also doing snatches for a while but i stopped that because its too hot in the Sea Lab and i cant hang on the the bell.

This week i’m getting back to some strength movements thats going to consist of squats, swings, presses, pull ups and ab wheelies.

So yesterday I did a 10K row in the AM then 5×5@135 Squats then 5×5 presses @24 and 5×5 pull ups. Sadly I am sore from it… I am going to continue to add weight to the squat until i hit 225.

Today I did 4k, 3k, 2k, 1k with 4 min 3,2,1 rest in the AM then in the PM some heavy swings and some arms and ab wheelies.

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